Easy Motion Skin Studio
The next big thing for the beauty and fitness sector

Wireless :
train off the leash
Portable :
train everywhere
Dry skin :
less work, more hygenic, sensational feel
Avatar :
autonomous training possible
Sales Point :
Additional income through resale

The Powerbox

The PowerBox is the heart and powerhouse of the Easy Motion Skin®. This high-tech product links the software to the Motion Skin and distributes the electric currents of your training programme reliably to the suit.
The box has been built to the highest standards of manufacturing. Reliability is garanteed !

The Studio EMS

Choose between the dry or wet solution. Easy Motion Skin functions with both worlds. The wet solution is often the first choice for studios in transition.The future is the dry solution which offers numerous major advantages to the wet suit.
The Easy Motion Skin® has been developed and is produced exclusively in Germany in order to ensure the highest development goals and quality standards.

Studio Software solution

iPad & iPhone. Touchscreen operation makes all the settings effortless and quickly adjustable.
Numerous medically tested EMS training programmes allow you to choose individual settings and sequences for your training goals.

TMP rental license

The TMP rental licence is an incredible offer. For a monthly rental fee, which can be cancelled any time, receive your Easy Motion Skin with an open licence. This is your ticket into the professional EMS world without the big investment.
Contact us for more information !

EMS for Fitnessclubs

Increase throughput in your club ?
More efficient HR ?
Increase profits ?

EMS for Micro Studios

  • start your own EMS studio
  • integrate EMS into an existing business
  • stay up-to-date 

EMS for professional athletes

  • Boost performance 
  • Use training time more efficiently
  • Increace strength and speed

Medical EMS

  • increase muscle mass
  • treat back pain
  • correct posture

Download a free copy of
"Guide to opening your own EMS Studio"

The guide contains valuable information such as technical requirements, numbers and figures, tips and advice as well as business simulations for all those who wish to launch a new studio, integrate it with an existing studio or for personal trainers who wish to increase their bottom line with this future technology.

About EMS Innovation

EMS Innovation is the point of sales for EASY MOTION SKIN and EASY MOTION SKIN STUDIO in Belgium. Get in touch for in depth product information, a product trial or to become an owner.

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