The Easy Motion Skin kiosk

Easy Motion Skin Kiosk integrates professional EMS training into the high-end fitness club.
Using the same human resources it offers a higher yield and creates an attractive
and forward-looking offer  for existing and new customers.

The EMS kiosk system is easy to set up and is the smart solution for clubs
that want to stay at the forefront of a changing market.

New source of revenue,
increase of profits
The most effective EMS training available
No additional human ressources required
Attract new members, revive existing onces

Trial request

The client tries out the Easy Motion Skin EMS training system


The Skin

When opting for the EMS formula (annual subscription plus starter pack) the client receives his own skin.



In an initial coaching the client is introduced to the software and shown how to work with the Easy Motion Skin.


The customer can now pick up a powerbox and iPad to train freely.

Only with Easy Motion Skin ®

Easy Motion Skin makes it possible:
  • Dry combination of high quality and easy to maintain;
  • The Easy Motion Skin® app on iPad is easy to use;
  • Individual identification by QR code;
  • Each customer has his own control unit and can individually adjust the intensity;
  • Virtual avatar;
  • Saving the results of the training and the parameters of each client;
  • Fast service with Easy Motion Skin®.

And as a bonus: The Easy Motion Skin® sales point

As a point of sale for the private Easy Motion Skin® system, we offer clubs a very lucrative source of income. Easy Motion Skin® Kiosk - Integrate the world's most effective workout into your gym.

Questions ?

Questions ?

We are glad to assist you. If you would like to receive our brochure and additional information please get in touch.

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Easy Motion Skin - Made in Germany



The PowerBox is the heart and powerhouse of the Easy Motion Skin®. This high-tech product links the software to the Motion Skin and distributes the electric currents of your training programme reliably to the suit.
The box has been built to the highest standards of manufacturing. Reliability is garanteed !

The Motion Skin

The ultralight MotionSkin, a high-tech product made in Germany, combines the most advanced materials and technologies. It fits tightly and perfectly to all body types. The patented dry electrodes of the MotionSkin guarantees a powerful EMS training that is even more effective than the wet solution. Now much more demanding training sessions are possible.

Studio software solution

iPad & iPhone. Touchscreen operation makes all the settings effortless and quickly adjustable.
Numerous medically tested EMS training programmes allow you to choose individual settings and sequences for your training goals.

Download a free copy of
"Guide to opening your own EMS Studio"

The guide contains valuable information such as technical requirements, numbers and figures, tips and advice as well as business simulations for all those who wish to launch a new studio, integrate it with an existing studio or for personal trainers who wish to increase their bottom line with this future technology.

It is impossible to put into words the sensation of an EMS training. You have to feel it on your own body. Experience the revolution !

About EMS Innovation

EMS Innovation is the point of sales for EASY MOTION SKIN and EASY MOTION SKIN STUDIO in Belgium. Get in touch for in depth product information, a product trial or to become an owner.

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