The Easy Motion Skin Studio

Find out how simple it is to integrate EMS into your business and add easily 200K or more to your bottom line. Easy Motion Skin integrates easily into any existing studio: It requires very little space and if the studio is run with the dry system all that is needed is a changing room and a place to set up the EMS unit.

Easy Motion Skin - launch a new business or expand your existing one !

Beauty Centre

Anti-cellulite and fat burn programmes are in high demand. EMS has proven to be a highly effective solution. Easy Motion Skin integrates easily into any existing setting and allows to extend your offer.

Fitness Studio

EMS training is a great way to upsell to your existing clients and reach a new sales potential. The times are changing, join the EMS movement !

Personal coach

Easy Motion Skin is portable. Take EMS training to your clients & increase your revenue ! It is the first reliable dry and wireless EMS system in the market with a very solid track record. Download our "Guide: Open Your Own Studio" case study with three cost calculations and see how EMS can work for you !

A risk free investment

Opening an Easy Motion Skin Studio requires an initial investment with very limited risk.
Have a look at our case studies and see how many members you need to reach your break even and how quickly you achieve your return on investment and how you can increase your revenue with our different formulas.
Contact us at EMS innovation and receive a free personalised business simulation for your own studio.

We accompany you

Easy Motion Skin is proud of its customer service. We are there for you with advice and help ! Before, during and after your purchase. Your success is important to us.

Choosing the right EMS solution

Dry or wet ? Dry uses less human ressources, is much more hygienic and offers a so much better training experience for your client.

Reliability is the most important factor when you use an EMS system in your studio. A broken machine can quickly jeapardize your bottomline and even ruin your business.

Quality of the suits and skins is equally important. Is the material thick enough ? Does it adapt all to any body ? Compare !

Be aware: Group training with EMS systems does not yet work as promised in a professional environment.

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Dry and wireless fullbody EMS system

The studio system

Choose between the dry or wet solution. Easy Motion Skin functions with both worlds. The wet solution is often the first choice for studios in transition.The future is the dry solution which offers numerous major advantages to the wet suit.
The Easy Motion Skin® has been developed and is produced exclusively in Germany in order to ensure the highest development goals and quality standards.
Easy Motion Skin powerbox


The PowerBox is the heart and powerhouse of the Easy Motion Skin®. This high-tech product links the software to the Motion Skin and distributes the electric currents of your training programme reliably to the suit.
The box has been built to the highest standards of manufacturing. Reliability is garanteed !
EMS dry skin

The Motion Skin

The ultralight MotionSkin, a high-tech product made in Germany, combines the most advanced materials and technologies. It fits tightly and perfectly to all body types. The patented dry electrodes of the MotionSkin guarantees a powerful EMS training that is even more effective than the wet solution. Now much more demanding training sessions are possible.
Userfriendly EMS software by Easy Motion Skin

Studio software solution

iPad & iPhone. Touchscreen operation makes all the settings effortless and quickly adjustable.
Numerous medically tested EMS training programmes allow you to choose individual settings and sequences for your training goals.
Easy Motion Skin wetsuit electrostimulation

The wet suit

Easy Motion Skin has revisited the traditional wet suit and has made major improvements. The wet suit is modular. Should a contact wear out it is now possible to just replace a part. The skin is made up of highly innovative high-tech textiles which make the suit lighter and more comfortable.
Dry and wireless EMS training

TMP - Rental licence

The TMP rental licence is an incredible offer. For a monthly rental fee, which can be cancelled any time, receive your Easy Motion Skin with an open licence. This is your ticket into the professional EMS world without the big investment.
Contact us for more information !


Starter packs are offered specially for professional and commercial use of our Studio system.


9x MotionSkin
1x Easy Motion Skin® Studio Licence
1x Powerbox
1x Easy Motion Skin® Sports bag
1x Easy Motion Skin® Backpack


5x MotionSkin 3x Vest set
1x Easy Motion Skin® Studio Licence
1x Powerbox
1x Stand incl. iPad mount


9x MotionSkin
1x Easy Motion Skin® Studio Licence
1x Powerbox
1x Stand incl. iPad mount
EMS training - open your studio - casestudy
EMS training - open your studio - casestudy
EMS training - open your studio - casestudy
EMS training - open your studio - casestudy

Download a free copy of
"Guide to opening your own EMS Studio"

The guide contains valuable information such as technical requirements, numbers and figures, tips and advice as well as business simulations for all those who wish to launch a new studio, integrate it with an existing studio or for personal trainers who wish to increase their bottom line with this future technology.

It is impossible to put into words the sensation of an EMS training. You have to feel it on your own body. Discover a new universe ! Experience the revolution !

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EMS Innovation is the point of sales for EASY MOTION SKIN and EASY MOTION SKIN STUDIO in Belgium. Get in touch for in depth product information, a product trial or to become an owner.

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