Electrostimulation without humidification

No humiidfication
No laundry
More time for the clients
More revenue

The integration of the dry EMS solution:

The Pro-Studio uses a mixed setup with wet and dry suits: 
The wet solution is for the occasional client.
Dry skins come with a club membership.

>> The Wet Solution

Easy Motion Skin´s wet system is for the occasional EMS client. The wet skin of Easy Motion Skin is fully compatible with the dry system. It uses special EMS underwear !

  • Lightest & most comfortable wet skin in the market
  • Washable incl. cables
  • Absolutely odourless
  • Modular design

>> The Dry Skin

At 129€/month for a minimum duration of 12 month and a starter pack price of 199€ the EMS subscription member receives his very own blue Easy Motion Skin. Now he can enjoy a dry training in your club.
For the client this solution is
  • much more hygienic and comfortable 
  • he/she can get started immediately
  • he/she takes care of his suit – no more laundry for you !
The visual effect in the club creates envy and promotes the subscription !

>> Personal ownership

Eventually your member will desire to own his own powerbox to train at home or on the go. As a sales p oint you can now sell them their private system and add extra revenue to your bottom line.

Easy Motion Skin EMS with its flexible business models offers a quick return on investment and many possible revenue streams.

Download a free copy of
"Guide to opening your own EMS Studio"

The guide contains valuable information such as technical requirements, numbers and figures, tips and advice as well as business simulations for all those who wish to launch a new studio, integrate it with an existing studio or for personal trainers who wish to increase their bottom line with this future technology.

It is impossible to put into words the sensation of an EMS training. You have to feel it on your own body. Discover a new universe ! Experience the revolution !

About EMS Innovation

EMS Innovation is the point of sales for EASY MOTION SKIN and EASY MOTION SKIN STUDIO in Belgium. Get in touch for in depth product information, a product trial or to become an owner.

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