Easy Motion Skin The training system for professional athletes

One of the best kept secrets of high performance athletes is their use of Easy Motion Skin. Electrostimulation pushes the performance ceiling up by 10% for strength and 5% for sprint. These numbers make the difference between being a champion or just second place.

Easy Motion Skin is used in strength and rehabilitation training by Bundesliga clubs, cycling teams, boxing clubs, golfers and many more.

Combining high performance sports with EMS

Training under electrostimulation is the most efficient way of building speed and strength. No other training is as efficient and effective.

Complete freedom of movement

Easy Motion Skin allows complete freedom of movement in a robust and reliable dry skin. The result are revolutionary new possibilities in training and exercise !

The dry skin

Easy Motion Skin is lightning fast. No moisturing is required, just slip into your skin and the workout can begin!

Manuel Charr
World Heavyweight Champion

Manuel Charr World Heavyweight Champion
"You immediately notice how the muscles are strengthened. Easy Motion Skin has accompanied me on the way to the world title. "

The studio system

Choose between the dry or wet solution. Easy Motion Skin functions with both worlds. The wet solution is often the first choice for studios in transition.The future is the dry solution which offers numerous major advantages to the wet suit.
The Easy Motion Skin® has been developed and is produced exclusively in Germany in order to ensure the highest development goals and quality standards.


The PowerBox is the heart and powerhouse of the Easy Motion Skin®. This high-tech product links the software to the Motion Skin and distributes the electric currents of your training programme reliably to the suit.
The box has been built to the highest standards of manufacturing. Reliability is garanteed !

The Motion Skin

The ultralight MotionSkin, a high-tech product made in Germany, combines the most advanced materials and technologies. It fits tightly and perfectly to all body types. The patented dry electrodes of the MotionSkin guarantees a powerful EMS training that is even more effective than the wet solution. Now much more demanding training sessions are possible.

Studio software solution

iPad & iPhone. Touchscreen operation makes all the settings effortless and quickly adjustable.
Numerous medically tested EMS training programmes allow you to choose individual settings and sequences for your training goals.

The wet suit

Easy Motion Skin has revisited the traditional wet suit and has made major improvements. The wet suit is modular. Should a contact wear out it is now possible to just replace a part. The skin is made up of highly innovative high-tech textiles which make the suit lighter and more comfortable.

TMP - Rental licence

The TMP rental licence is an incredible offer. For a monthly rental fee, which can be cancelled any time, receive your Easy Motion Skin with an open licence. This is your ticket into the professional EMS world without the big investment.
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"I thought I had reached the top of my form when my coach introduced my to Easy Motion Skin. It pushed me way beyond what I thought possible ! This is the future of training !"

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