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EasyMotionSkin makes champions

Easy Motion Skin is being used by professional athletes to increase their performance ceiling. When traditional training reaches its limits EMS pushes the boundaries even further. Medical research shows a performance increase in strength of 10-15% and 5 % increase in sprint. That is the margin between a champion and a second place !

Easy Motion Skin has helped Michael Charr and Christiane Hammer to become world champions in boxing. It is used by Bundesliga clubs and professional cyclists.

Combine your training with EMS

Add electrostimulation to your training on the go ! This is a revolutionary new way of pushing your bounderies. The results are astonishing.
Easy Motion Skin allows to play golf, ride your bike or run during your training session.
This opens up entirely new possibilities for coaches and professional athletes.
Physiotherapy - Easy Motion Skin

Beautify yourself without effort

Every nutritionist knows: Loosing weight must be accompanied by rebuilding your body´s muscles. Easy Motion Skin is extremely effective and provides results when all else has failed. Twenty minutes of EMS training is equivalent of 4 hours of hard workout at the gym.
This is why Easy Motion Skin integrates perfectly with Beauty parlours and weight loss studios.

Keep fit in your golden age

It is impossible to maintain the same muscle mass through classical training beyond the age of 60. The aging process nibbles away on our body. But because of its high effeciency EMS training helps you maintain and even increase your strength allowing you to lead a healthy and fit golden age.
Easy Motion Skin Private solution is an ideal compagnion.
Physiotherapy - Easy Motion Skin

EasyMotionSkin helps you to recover

Eletric muscle stimulation only stimulates your muscles - not your joints. It is an ideal tool in the field of medical rehabilitation.

EasyMotionSkin is for everybody

Are you spending too much time at work ? Do you have your work-life-balance in order ? Is there enough time for your family and yourself ?
Easy Motion Skin keeps you fit - it only takes 20 minutes twice a week - effortlessly! It has never been as easy to keep in shape. And the best of it all, Easy Motion Skin is wireless. Take your training with you wherever you go !

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EMS Innovation is the point of sales for EASY MOTION SKIN and EASY MOTION SKIN STUDIO in Belgium. Get in touch for in depth product information, a product trial or to become an owner.

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