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The Easy Motion Skin Studio

Find out how simple it is to integrate EMS into your business. Easy Motion Skin integrates easily into any existing studio: It requires very little space and if the studio is run with the dry system all that is needed is a changing room and a place to set up the EMS unit.

Easy Motion Skin - launch a new business or expand your existing one !


Fitness and EMS Studios

EMS training is a great way to upsell to your existing clients and reach a new sales potential. The times are changing, join the EMS movement !

Wellness or paramedical centres

Anti-cellulite and fat burn programmes are in high demand. EMS has proven to be a highly effective solution. Easy Motion Skin integrates easily into any existing setting and allows to extend your offer.

Personal coach

Easy Motion Skin is portable. Take EMS training to your clients & increase your revenue ! It is the first reliable dry and wireless EMS system in the market with a very solid track record. Download our "Guide: Open Your Own Studio" case study with three cost calculations and see how EMS can work for you !

A risk free investment

Opening an Easy Motion Skin Studio requires an initial investment with very limited risk.
Have a look at our case studies and see how many members you need to reach your break even and how quickly you achieve your return on investment and how you can increase your revenue with our different formulas.
Contact us at EMS innovation and receive a free personalised business simulation for your own studio.

We accompany you

Easy Motion Skin is proud of its customer service. We are there for you with advice and help ! Before, during and after your purchase. Your success is important to us.

Choosing the right EMS solution

Dry or wet ? The future is dry !
The dry Easy Motion Skin EMS system uses less human ressources, is much more hygienic and offers a so much better training experience for your client.

Reliability is the most important factor when you use an EMS system in your studio. A broken machine can quickly jeapardize your bottomline and even ruin your business. It is smarter to invest a little more at the start and not have to worry later.

Quality of the suits and skins is equally important. Is the material thick enough ? Does it adapt all to any body ? Does it last ? Can it be machine washed ? Compare !

Choose well when you buy !
Easy Motion Skin Studio clients

The studio system

The future is the dry. Forget about cables and humidification. With Easy Motion Skin® it is plug and play. The skin is machine washable, no need to unplug the cable tree. This gives you the time to concentrate on your client. Easy Motion Skin is made in Germany to medical quality standards. It is built to last.
The Easy Motion Skin dry suit

The Motion Skin

The ultralight MotionSkin, a high-tech product made in Germany, combines the most advanced materials and technologies. It fits tightly and perfectly to all body types. The patented dry electrodes of the MotionSkin guarantees a powerful EMS training that is even more effective than the wet solution. Now much more demanding training sessions are possible.
The Easy Motion Skin iOS app

Studio software solution

iPad & iPhone. Touchscreen operation makes all the settings effortless and quickly adjustable.
Numerous medically tested EMS training programmes allow you to choose individual settings and sequences for your training goals.
Made in Germany

Medical grade quality - 100% reliable

Easy Motion Skin, the only reliable dry EMS full body suit on the market


Year in, year out ! Easy Motion Skin has proven to be a workhorse solution in the hundreds of EMS studios worldwide. This is a key element for users who need the product to work without fail.
Check out how ELECTROGYM works with Easy Motion Skin.


In Easy Motion Skin drysuits can be washed daily in a standard washing machine for years. Nano technology that protect the connections between electrode and cables has makes this possible. Easy Motion Skin is the only manufacturer who has solved this puzzle. All other full body suits suffer from broken cables after a short period of usage. Check the EMS forums !


Electrodes must be fully adherent to the skin to pass a homogeneous electric signal to the muscles. When this is not the case the electricity can burn the skin. Easy Motion Skin is the only suit in the market that uses the type of medical stretch fabric that is used for bandages to guarantee a perfect fit. Nothing else really works. Check the material before you buy !


When things break we repair - quickly and without a hassle. We are proud of our customer service in Germany.
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