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No other technology is as efficient !

Easy Motion Private Skin is a revolutionary product that reinvents EMS training. In the past, a thick cable and electric pads that had to be humidified required you to follow the training under supervision in a dedicated studio. Not anymore ! Do your workout whenever you want, wherever you want!

The first genuine private EMS system

EasyMotionSkin is the first genuine private EMS system on the market. An animated avatar guides you through your program just like a personal coach. Easy Motion Skin Private is even more effective than conventional studio systems !

Finally a wireless EMS

Finally the wireless solution is there. No more cable that chains you to the control station. EasyMotionSkin allows you to move freely. Train without any limitation!

The dry revolution

Easy Motion Skin is the most reliable dry solution in the world. No need to wet, no more time lost to attach the electrodes. Just slip into your skin and the workout can begin!
Shed weight real fast !

Shed weight real fast !

Shape your body without effort !

Shape your body without effort !

Loose weight and build strength at the same time

Loose weight and build strength at the same time








Get fit faster !

Electro-stimulation (EMS) is revolutionizing today´s sport. Not only does electrostimulation stimulate the 8 main muscle groups simultaneously, but also strengthens the deep musculation and at the same time boosts your metabolism. Combined with nutritional advise, the results with electrostimulation are spectacular. With EMS, electricity does the work - a 20-minute session is as effective as three hours of training at the gym. It is scientifically proven.

EMS training vs. conventional gym

Medical studies confirm the effect and effectiveness of training with the Easy Motion Skin:


x faster and more effective

than traditional gym workout

% of your muscles are trained simultaneously

without any stress on your joints

% increase of strength

after 6 weeks with only two 20 min sessions per week

% increase of your endurance

after 4-6 weeks with only two 20 min sessions per week

x more calories burned

than with traditional physical training

Training programmes


Easy Motion Skin - Made in Germany

Easy Motion Skin Dry EMS concept

The MotionSkin dry suit

The ultralight MotionSkin combines the most advanced materials and technologies to make EMS training all the more easy and convenient. The highly elastic materials used are not only light, durable & washable but also antibacterial. The skin with its patented dry electrodes fits tightly to all the major muscle groups so that no additional soaking of the MotionSkin or functional underwear is required. All this with no loss to its efficiency.
The quality of our revolutionary tracksuit makes Easy Motion Skin stand out from the competition. Quality, made in Germany.
The Easy Motion Skin power box transmits the electric signal to the Motion Skin

The PowerBox

The PowerBox is the heart and powerhouse of this innovative technology.

The latest technologies are combined to link the MotionSkin and the app to create a unique product.

You will find high-quality and technically advanced components fitted inside the PowerBox.

This is the only way to guarantee the continuous and perfect operation of a high-tech EMS training device like the Easy Motion Skin®.
The iOS Easy Motion Skin app is available in the appstore

The iOS app

iPad & iPhone. Touchscreen operation makes all the settings effortless and quickly adjustable.

Numerous medically tested EMS training programmes allow you to choose individual settings and sequences for your training goals.

We are constantly evolving the content and features of the app. The upgrade feature lets you benefit from all the new app versions in the future.

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